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All of my sessions include a choice of Professional-Grade Biotone Massage Oil or Biotone Massage Creme, produced and used by Certified Massage Therapists across the USA.  Every client will enjoy their treatment on an extra padded and heated massage table using traditional american sheet sets instead of towels to provide muscle-soothing heat and unsurpassed comfort while also providing secure draping for clients with privacy concerns. In addition, clients will be able to select from 3 kinds of provided music (Spa, Oriental, Light Jazz, Hawaiian) for each individual session or choose to use their own.

NEW: Enjoy the silky feel of our new Comphy Company Sheets with every 60/90 min. Massage. These luxuriant sheets are used in top Hotel Resort Spas around the world including the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons.

In addition, clients can now enjoy our new Boiance Face Rest with every massage. Ultra-plush AeroCell & Memory Foam padding combine with water-filled spheres and an open-spaced design to provide exceptional comfort while avoiding pressure to sinus cavities and the eyes while in prone position. You can find more informations on the face cradle here:





Offering so much more than a short and simple mid-day nap, this session is designed to offer a much-needed reprieve from the stress and tension of the week. Flowing Swedish strokes are used to induce a relaxing effect on the body while deeper pressure is applied to problem areas as needed to promote circulation and flexibility while reducing pain and tightness in overworked muscles.


60 Min:            50 EUR

90 Min:                70 EUR







This massage is designed specifically to relax and rejuvenate the areas of the body that become tired and stressed from all that today's busy mothers do for their families every single day. Let the soft, heated massage table soothe your body while the muscle-problem areas of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, hands and arms are massaged. Once those areas are addressed and your back is warm and relaxed from the heated table, we finish your session with a thorough foot and back massage. As with every Massage By Stephen service, you get your choice of Biotone Cream or Oil, a selection of 4 styles of music to choose from, and a heated or unheated table at no extra charge.


40 Min:             40 EUR






Ideal for active or athletic clients with recurring muscle tension. Deep, concentrated strokes are used to focus in on affected muscles. This blend of Deep-Tissue, Trigger Point, Muscle Release Technique, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is designed to assist in diminishing the effects of muscular trauma as well as enhance and accelerate your body's recovery process so you can continue to train effectively and efficiently.


60 Min:             60 EUR    (5-Year Anniversary Price: 50 EUR)

90 Min:             80 EUR    (5-Year Anniversary Price: 70 EUR)





A session specifically tailored to address the typical holding patterns of those who spend the majority of their week travelling on business or working at their desk. Using a combination of Muscle Release Technique as well as Trigger Point and European Massage, this session focuses on resetting the body's natural muscular function after a long week. The muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, and back areas are encouraged to release their holding patterns to relieve "Travel Back" while the arms are addressed to alleviate "Mouse Arm" and "Keyboard Wrist".


60 Min:             60 EUR    (5-Year Anniversary Price: 50 EUR)

90 Min:             80 EUR    (5-Year Anniversary Price: 70 EUR)






Developed by instructors at the Baltimore School of Massage in the USA, this session combines classic Swedish strokes and Trigger Point Massage to address muscle group issues that contribute to Stress Migraine symptoms including the face, scalp, neck, and upper back muscles while using coached breathing techniques to naturally induce calm and relieve pain.


40 Min:             40 EUR



Feel free to enquire for other Massage Modalities and Prices as well as special offers for Companys, Hotels or Events.