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Mobile Massage


In and Around Mannheim/Heidelberg and


Speyer since 2008.  

7 days per week from 8am until 10pm, including Sundays and Holidays


Stephen Hartswick - your Massage Therapist at home, office, hotel, or events



The goals of my practice are simple:

To provide relaxation, relief from muscle soreness, and a respite from the stress of the day-to-day modern lifestyle.

With the combined experience of working in US Press-awarded Spa and Therapeutic Practice settings both in the US as well as Europe, you can be assured of receiving a session that will rejuvenate your mind as well as your body and address problem areas for maintenance and prevention.

Services provided include Therapeutic Wellness Massage performed by Stephen Hartswick, a USA Nationally Certified Masseur and Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association with 12 years of experience.


~ Massage By Stephen~ offers a variety of bodywork options to clientele from all over the Mannheim area right in their own home, office, or hotel room.


Here you'll find my webpage in it's entireity translated for my fellow American and English speaking clientele which you can access in the English Page sub-menu on the left. Included is my Biography as well as my Menu Of Services. I've included some Client Testimonials, and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions so you'll not only see what types of sessions are available, but to also get a feel for the practice as a whole - whether you be a first time client of massage or an experienced client looking for variety in your bodywork.


I look forward to helping you begin or continue your wellness journey!