This will be my first massage. Is there anything I should know before you arrive?

Just some basic common sense things. Please have a space cleared for your bodywork before I arrive. If you are a first-time client I'll most likely give you a short pre-screen over the phone to make sure you don't have any medical contraindications that would prevent me from working on you at that time. Other than that, just remember not to wear any jewelry as to not limit massage to those areas and to be present at your appointment location at least 20 minutes early so we'll both have time to prepare for your session.

Do you do Medical Massage here in Germany?


NO, I do not offer Medical Massage. Though I was trained Medical in the USA, Germany has different educational requirements and classifications as to what Medical Massage is. I am technically classified as a Wellness Masseur in Germany and will perform bodywork on clientele as such. I do NOT take German insurance, can NOT diagnose and can only offer opinions as to how you can help yourself to relieve pain and tension symptoms.



 What makes your massage different than others in my area?


 Feel free to take a look at the Menu of Services for more specifics but, to sum up, I believe what makes my services different from others in the area is a combination of my training in the USA in both Medical and Wellness massage, my experience on various types of clientele, and the standard amenities I offer for every massage. These amenities include a heated and well-upholstered US massage table, professional sheet sets instead of towels for comfortable and secure draping, a choice of either professional-grade US products, and your choice of 4 types of music with the additional option to Bluetooth your own music to our sound system. It is very important for me to provide these things to my clientele with no extra cost so they'll truly feel that they've been given the best service for their money.



 What is your policy for last minute cancellations and "no-shows"?

Anybody that lives in our wonderful but congested Metropolitan area knows that traffic can be a mess. This can sometimes lead to late appointments and that's understandable to a point. Depending on how late a client is going to be as well as how saturated my appointment book is, I might be able to accomodate their time or may have to shorten it though I am reasonable. If traffic is crazy and you contact me while I'm on my way to let me know it's going to be a 5 to 10 minute late start, then I can work around that. If it becomes a habit then I'll have to start shortening the sessions. No-shows, unfortunately, are less tolerated than late clientele as a matter of principle & manners. Not even bothering to call your practitioner to let them know you can't make it is not only disrespectful to your CMT's business, but to your colleagues who share your love of bodywork and who could have had a place on your CMT's appointment book. I wish there was a way to sugar-coat this issue, but it's more important to be honest here. "Do unto others..."


 What are "Contraindications" ?

The simplest definition of a contraindication is a specific circumstance when the use of certain treatments could be harmful. As a Certified Massage Therapist licensed under the Maryland State Board of Chiropractors, I am bound by the same rule of "Do No Harm" as other US medical professionals. When a client has a contraindication, it's up to the Masseur to decide whether a service should be altered or refused outright until the contraindicated condition goes away or is addressed by a medical professional. This is why it's important during the pre-screen and the confirmation call to let your practitioner know if you have a condition. Having your massage tomorrow and just came down with the Flu today? Let your Masseur know! In your first trimester of pregnancy, feeling nauseous and having a massage this afternoon? Let your Masseur know! These are just a few examples and I'll work on looking for a nice reference list. Most of the time this is a common sense issue with some exceptions.


How much clothing should I remove for the session?

Ultimately, keep on as much clothing as you'd like. I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your session and understand that some clientele have boundary issues regarding the amount of clothing they wear in the presence of another. Just keep in mind that it's usually the most beneficial to remove all of your clothing or to keep on just your underwear since bra straps tend to get in the way of back work. Also be aware that I will be out of the room while you are changing and that you will be under a top sheet and a comforter by the time I return to begin the session.


What body parts are an option for my massage?

Every body part except the internal and pubic areas are optional for obvious reasons. I do perform Stomach, Chest (with breast covers), and Gluteal Massage on request though usually not on a first time client and these areas are given special draping considerations that are described in the following question below. It's very important for the client to understand that Optional does NOT mean Requirement. Many of my clients just get the Head to Toe massage without Stomach Chest or Glute work. Some have me skip the Face and Scalp, others the Feet. Others, including athletes both professional and hobbyist do request Chest or Glute work or even Stomach work to help maintain wellness for a singers Diaphragm or to help relieve Constipation. It's really your session and always remember to communicate your specific needs to the practitioner no matter where you go for your bodywork. Also, always remember that this is legitimate professional work and, in NO way, should you ever feel pressured to let a practitioner work on an area that makes you uncomfortable in any way.

Will I remain completely covered during the session?

Only the parts of the body I am currently working on will be uncovered. The rest of the body will remain covered and I always tuck the sheet boundaries of the body part I do uncover to maintain the client's privacy. With regards to Stomach and Chest Massage, I always offer to place a cover over the female clients breast area when working the Stomach and Chest. This was required by law in the US and I will ONLY make exceptions for this if the client specifically asks me. For Glute Massage, only one Glute (cheek) is undraped at a time to maintain the client's privacy and security.


What will be expected of me during my session?

Only three things are needed here. Relax, Breathe Deep, and Communicate when you feel the need. It's really that simple. Don't hesitate to tell me if my touch is too light. Don't take the pain for one second if it feels like I'm going too deep. Let me know as soon as it hurts. Let yourself sink into the table. I'll handle all the bodywork and lifting. It's what I get paid for! You're not here to impress me. This is your time. Let your stomach hang out. Let your exhale come out in a rush. Feel free to sigh, yawn, smile, laugh, chat...whatever makes you feel at ease. Because that's really the ultimate goal. This is taking care of yourself for once and no amount of bodywork in the world is going to have a positive effect on you for a good amount of time if you don't let yourself go long enough to enjoy it!