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P.Wilson, Maryland – MD- Family Doctor


I am a family doctor practicing in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I met Steve over 6 years ago when I was looking for a massage therapist that could handle my 5ft 11in, 240+ lb frame. I had several massages in the past and, while I enjoyed them, I learned that all massage therapists are not created equal.



Steve’s bedside manner immediately impressed me. Over the last 20 years of clinical practice, I have been paid the same compliment many times so I recognize when a healthcare professional has the ability to make his patients/clients feel at ease. I found him to be very knowledgeable, caring and his massage technique was exceptional. I remember how tight my muscles were during that first session and how hard Steve worked on trying to get me to relax. He gave sound advice about how I could improve my physical well-being and better manage my stress which was apparently affecting me physically.



Since that time, we have developed a great rapport and I have become one of his "regulars." The benefits that you will receive from a massage by Stephen include stress reduction with relaxation techniques, relief of muscle aches and pains, and increased knowledge about how to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, you will get to know a wonderful person who I consider to be a good friend.





Carla Machado – National Figure Competitor/Fitness Model



I am a National Figure Competitor, Group Exercise Instructor and Fitness Model. I train very hard to attain my physical goals and appearance. I am challenged daily with sometimes up to 3 hours of hard-core cardiovascular programs followed by plyometric and agility exercises and of course lifting weights.


Steve has been my official certified massage therapist throughout my competition seasons and off season as well. He is very knowledgeable and professional in what he does. He is punctual every session and locates the areas on my body that need extra work and concentrates on them until they are completely ready for more torture the following day:) Steve is the very best massage therapist I have had the experience of doing business with on regular basis and I have had a difficult time trying to find someone to replace him or even come close.


I highly recommend Stephen Hartswick to provide massage services of all types to every type of person (physically fit or not).

I wish you the best of luck in Germany and you are truly missed!! :(

Keep up the excellent work and you will succeed!


Carla Machado






C.Hood- Deputy Inspector General


Stephen Hartswick has been my massage therapist for over five years now. Originally seeing him back when he was at the Galleria Salon & Spa, I hunted him down as soon as I learned that he had left there to pursue his own practice and I now have massages by him every two weeks on my day off.


Stephen is very professional and has always made me feel comfortable right from the start of our very first session so long ago. His knowledge of the body is amazing because every time I ask him a question about a specific problem area, he explains what it is and works to fix the problem.


I have referred several colleagues, friends and family to Stephen. All of which go to see him on a regular basis. One friend from North Carolina has Stephen do her bodywork whenever she comes up to visit me. She suffers from Fibromyalgia and has told me that, after having massages by Stephen, her relief from pain lasts much longer than from her massage therapist at home.

I would consider Stephen Hartswick a great asset to the bodywork profession. I know that wherever his practice takes him, I will always be part of his clientele.




Jaclyn Palumbo- Professional Model


I am a professional model who's been featured in many US regional publications and advertisements. I first met Stephen by accident where I had a scheduled massage with another Massage Therapist who did not show. This turned out to be a miracle for me, as it was the best massage I have ever been given. Five years later, I am still going to Stephen and will follow him wherever he practices bodywork. Not only is he professional and knowledgeable in what he does but he also has the hands of a God! My favorite part is at the end of a massage when he uses a technique that makes you feel like his hands have turned into a machine to finish your back muscles off! That’s how he has gotten me to continue my sessions with him three years later!


Stephen is all about his clients' needs and expectations. One day I had a terrible headache at work and called him for help. Stephen went out of his way, came to my location and gave me a 15 minute neck massage that completely took care of it! This showed me his dedication to his clients. He takes pride in his work and cares for his clients 100% and that’s what makes him not only a great massage therapist but a great person.


Jaclyn Palumbo



Wendy Cooley (         
Datum: Mo 05 Jul 2010 08:52:35 CEST
Betreff: Recommendation

The best deep tissue massage I've experienced in my lifetime was from Stephen Hartswick, to include massages I've had in the US, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. He is knowledgeable of anatomy and physiology, and intuitively finds areas of tension in the client. Mr. Hartswick then personalizes the focus and attention of the massage to meet the individual needs of the client, providing the most beneficial massage. He also provides follow-up information after the massage for potential causes of the tension and solutions to avoid this in the future, as well as care and wellness tips. In addition to the healing aspects, Mr. Hartswick professionally attends to the relaxation aspects by asking the preferred music, table heat, lighting, etc, and ensures the client is comfortable throughout the course of the massage. I give my highest recommendation for Mr. Hartswick to anyone who would like to experience the most pleasurable, relaxing, and healing massage of their lifetime. He is an exemplary professional.


Diane Dill (         
Datum: Do 28 Jan 2010 10:13:12 CET
Betreff: Massage by Stephen

I have enjoyed several massages by Stephen and believe him to be the absolute best massage therapist with whom I have ever worked. His technique is excellent. His knowledge of musculature and complete the whole experience of His massage is a boon to both body and spirit. I highly recommend him and will definitely continue to schedule massages as often as possible whenever I am in Germany.


Leanne Bourke (         
Datum: Di 19 Jan 2010 06:24:22 CET
Betreff: 19th February 2010


First of all, I'll give you a little back ground, how I came about finding Massage by Stephen.  I reside in Sydney, Australia and was trying to source a massage therapist for my son who lives in Mannheim as he is studying Classical Ballet.  Classical Ballet is really tough on the body, so a regular massage always helps and can aid in injury prevention.

I'm so happy to say, I found Stephen who not only is a wonderful therapist, but such a great person.  I was lucky enough to visit my son in December and made sure I had a session with him.  To say it was bliss after a 24 hour flight from Australia is an understatement.  I thoroughly enjoyed his bodywork and was delighted with the little extra's i.e. heated electric blanket (having had many a massage around Australia, this was a revelation, as I had not experienced this before), choice of cream or oil etc.  Also, I like a very firm massage which Stephen executed throughout the whole massage.  What really stuck me was his infectious personality and his ability to make you feel at ease.  My son, also is a fan and has been having massages with Stephen for many months, he has particular needs, such as a lot of lower leg work. Stephen has helped him immensely and understands the needs of a dancer.  Hopefully this year, I may get back to Germany and if I do, one of the first things will be to book at massage with Stephen!!

Kind Regards,


Alesia Dumas (         
Datum: Mo 15 Dez 2008 11:06:24 CET
Betreff: Business Warrior Message

My husband and I thought your massage was one of the best we'd ever had, and we've had great massages all over the world. Can't wait till the next one:)
Thanks so much,